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S= Social Skills , P= Physical Fitness , O= Obedience , R= Resourcefullness , T= Teamwork , S= Stress Tolerance


Sir Issac Newton Polytechnic College focuses on the equal emphasis on sports and games along with academics. Students are encouraged to take active part in sports to provide relaxation, fine tuning of their energy, nurture competitive spirit, enhance team spirit, and above all achieve leadership qualities.

Play ground with abundant spaces and equipments for outdoor and indoor games facilities are available for the betterment of students.

Sir Issac Newton Polytechnic College has a well qualified and experienced physical Education Director who strives diligently to enable the students to have a bright future in sports. Students of this college have achieved remarkable feat as winners and runners-up in different competitions at various levels.

The infrastructures for sports at Sinpc – Basketball Court, Football Ground, Volleyball court, Gym and some indoor games etc are the best in the region. Understanding the importance of sports for the students, the Sinpc administration is committed to provide plenty of opportunities to students to participate in sports as well as other extracurricular activities

Realizing the importance of games and sports as an integral part of learning, Sinpc has been involving all the students in some forms of competitive physical activities. Our objective is to enhance physical abilities and skills of our students while it also provides entertainment to the participants as well as to the spectators. Sports infuse in students the spirit of leadership, cooperation, co-ordination self-regulation, self-confidence and decision-making skills. They serve to ensure fair competition, and allow consistent adjudication of the winner. Thus it serves both the purposes i.e. physical exercise as well as source of entertainment.

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