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Clean & Smart Hostel Campus

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Full-fledged hostel facilities for boys and girls students have been established nearby the college campus. It acts as "Home away from home" for students from different places. It provides good and safe facilities of boarding and lodging to fulfill the needs of outstation students. The students are monitored with their well being by an efficient warden.

Clean and Smart Campus is also expected to facilitate dialogue and sharing of ideas amongst students, faculty and administrators towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The college hostel provides healthy and Nutritive vegetarian and Non-vegetarian foods.A clinic with call doctor facility for 24 hours is available to take care of the health requirements of the hostel students.

Assessment Area

Clean Campus-This aspect will emphasize on three areas:
  • Cleanliness in and around the campus and waste minimization
  • Water conservation and management including waste water management and reuse, rain water harvesting, etc
  • Environment-friendly activities adopted and practiced by the campus
  • Greenery within the campus to provide pollution free air and carbon-sink

Smart Campus-
This will emphasize on the following aspects:
  • Impact of deployment of digital technology in order for the students, faculty and management in the campus to reduce consumption of natural resources (such as paper, gas, energy etc).
  • Alignment of the latest digital trends like IoT, Big Data and Cloud Networking to achieve various aspects of sustainability in the campus, specifically to contribute to United Nations SDGs
  • Create an ecosystem to ‘smartly’ connect and share the information with each other at campus, institute and national level. Any international level connect will provide a distinct advantage. The smart connect, though the cloud networking, so established should address concerns of environmental challenges including contribution to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
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