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India is a vast country with a population of more than 1.2 billion. 75% of India’s population lives in about six lac villages. There is a visible difference in rural and urban, rich and poor, highly educated and lesser educated, forward and backward areas.

Vocation and Career

A career in Marine Engineering is very lucrative and challenging. It is an adventurous profession and one can travel around the world at a very young age.

Students who have completed diploma in Marine Engineering in this institution are working in leading shipping organizations throughout the world

The departments of Marine Engineering provides advanced level of equipment and facilities for the students. It is strives to propagated the secrete and wonder ship of construction technology throw theory and particles for the students. The future requirements of Diploma in Marine Engineering in India & abroad. The Laboratories will fully equipments and well trained Staffs facilitating the course for the students. Implant training and industrial visits also arranged for the students.

After completing diploma in Marine Engineering one can join two years pre sea training course and appear for class IV Part – A competency certificate examination. A diploma holder in Marine Engineering can also join B.E. in lateral entry complete the course in three years

The diploma course in Marine Engineering was started in our Polytechnic under the second technician education project of the World Bank in the year. Our institution is the only aided Polytechnic in Tamil Nadu offering diploma in Marine Engineering.

ISSAC Newton Polytechnics are considered to be providing the intended services as mentioned above.

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