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India is a vast country with a population of more than 1.2 billion. 75% of India’s population lives in about six lac villages. There is a visible difference in rural and urban, rich and poor, highly educated and lesser educated, forward and backward areas.

Vocation and Career

Electronic and Communication Engineering uses the scientific knowledge of the behavior and effects of electronics to develop components, systems and equipments. To expose and train the students practically to acquire the knowledge in recent technologies.

It deals with recent trends in communication technology via wire, wireless network, circuit designs and microcontrollers.

It aims to depend the knowledge and skills of the students on the basic concepts and theories that will equip them in their professional work involving analysis, systems implementation, operation, production and maintenance of the various applications in the field of Electronic and Communication Engineering.

Electronics and Communication Engineering opens up great career prospects for the students. The students after completion of the diploma can easily avail job opportunities in manufacturing industries and Service organizations such as Broadcasting, Consulting, Data Communication, Entertainment, Research and Development and System support. The candidates can also work in Modern multimedia service firms that are involved in real time transfer of information through internet broadcasting.

ECE’s help save lives by designing medical technologies like monitoring devices Surgical robots and LASERs. It also used by various medical applications such as Medical image registration using Genetic Algorithm, Machine learning techniques to solve prognostic problems in medical domain, Artificial Neural Network in diagnosing Cancer. It helps to preserve the environment by developing hybrid electric vehicles and solar.

ISSAC Newton Polytechnics are considered to be providing the intended services as mentioned above.

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