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India is a vast country with a population of more than 1.2 billion. 75% of India’s population lives in about six lac villages. There is a visible difference in rural and urban, rich and poor, highly educated and lesser educated, forward and backward areas.

Vocation and Career

Electrical and electronics engineering is an exciting and dynamic field which will continue to serves the needs of society through the economic and responsible exploitation of existing technology and the development of innovative ideas.

The department’s mission is to produce quality electrical and electronics engineers with high technical knowledge and good practical basis, combined with good leadership skills decision making capabilities.

Harnessing electrical energy is the challenge for electrical engineers. The power packed EEE department inspires the budding electrical engineers with the potent idea of constructing generating stations, transmission lines and distribution systems at economic rates and to design, test and supervise the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment’s used in electrical utilities, buildings, automobiles, air-crafts, RADAR navigation system and broadcast and communication systems.

Department has modernized laboratory such as machines lab, electronics and circuits lab, power electronics and microcontroller lab and electrical simulation lab. All the laboratories are well equipped with latest equipment to provide intensified training and to prepare the students for research and development activities in order to make them industry ready.

Providing quality education for the sustainable development in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineers to meet the global standards and to produce socially responsible engineers with ethical and moral value.

ISSAC Newton Polytechnics are considered to be providing the intended services as mentioned above.

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