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India is a vast country with a population of more than 1.2 billion. 75% of India’s population lives in about six lac villages. There is a visible difference in rural and urban, rich and poor, highly educated and lesser educated, forward and backward areas.

Vocation and Career

Mechanical engineering is the second largest engineering discipline and one of the oldest. Mechanical engineers apply the principles of mechanics and energy to the design of machines and devices.

Diploma in mechanical engineering will find employment opportunities in the diversified branches of the mechanical field. Mechanical engineers are employed in many types of manufacturing, fabrication, research and development, and service industries such as Railways, Aviation, Automobile Industry, Power plants, Manufacturing Industries e.g. Materials, refined metals etc

The department has a rare blend of very dynamic youngsters guided by a group of eminent and experienced professors. In fact our principal who is one of the leading authorities in this discipline personally guides the department.

The laboratories and the workshops in the Department give ample opportunities to the students of Mechanical Engineering to gain practical knowledge and hands on experience in the chosen areas. The department focuses on overall development of the students, imparting soft skills through live projects, association activities, industrial visits, seminars, group discussions etc. Value-based education and professional ethics are also included in the curriculum in conformity with the overall mission and vision of our Institution

Mechanical engineers are involved with the design of structures, operation and maintenance of mechanical systems. They are involved in the designing and fabricating of automobiles, trucks, airplanes, and trains for transportation; tractors for food production; interplanetary space vehicles; copying machines fax machines, staplers, used in the office; and lathes, milling machines, grinders, and drill presses used in the manufacture of goods; and just about anything that moves. Mechanical engineers also design and operate power plants and are concerned with the economical combustion of fuels, the conversion of heat energy into mechanical energy, and the use of mechanical energy to perform useful work. Their scope of work is truly large.

ISSAC Newton Polytechnics are considered to be providing the intended services as mentioned above.

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